Which Is the Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile? 2023

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The best gun in Call of Duty Mobile with our informative guide. From assault rifles to snipers, we break down the top choices to help you dominate the battlefield.

If you are diving into the intense world of Call of Duty Mobile, you probably wondering, Which is the best gun to wield? Well, your in luck because embarked on a journey to uncover the ultimate weapon choice.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Gun

Before jump into specifics, let’s talk about why selecting the right gun matters. In Call of Duty Mobile, your weapon choice can significantly impact your performance. Each gun has its unique characteristics, such as damage, range, and fire rate. Picking the best gun for your play style can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile

Here some best gun in Call of Duty Mobile.

1. Assault Rifles

First up, let’s explore assault rifles. These versatile weapons strike a balance between firepower and mobility. If you prefer a well-rounded approach, consider the following options:

Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile
  1. AK117: Known for its accuracy and manageable recoil, the AK117 is a favorite among many players. It excels at medium-range combat and offers a steady rate of fire.
  2. Type 25: This gun boasts impressive damage and an excellent fire rate. It’s perfect for aggressive players who love close-quarters combat.

2. Submachine Guns

If you a fan of close-range engagements and lightning-fast kills, submachine guns might be your calling. Here are a couple of top choices:

  1. PDW-57: With its high fire rate and decent damage, the PDW-57 is a popular choice for those who love to rush their opponents.
  2. Cordite: Featuring a unique ammo belt system, the Cordite ensures you’ll rarely run out of bullets in the heat of battle. Its controllable recoil is a plus.

3. Sniper Rifles

Are you the patient, calculated type who prefers picking off enemies from a distance? Sniper rifles are your best friends. Consider these options:

  1. DL Q33: Known for its one-shot kill potential, the DL Q33 is a deadly choice for skilled snipers. It’s all about precision with this one.
  2. Arctic .50: Another sniper favorite, the Arctic .50 offers a good balance between damage and mobility. It is a reliable choice for long-range engagements.

4. Shotguns

For those who love to get up close and personal, shotguns can deliver that instant gratification. Two standout shotguns are:

  1. KRM-262: This pump-action shotgun deals massive damage up close. It’s a game-changer in close-quarters battles.
  2. BY15: Offering a balance of power and fire rate, the BY15 is perfect for players who want to clear rooms with style.
Which Is the Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile

5. Light Machine Guns

If you prefer laying down heavy suppression fire and mowing down enemies, light machine guns are your go-to option. Here’s a top choice:

  1. UL736: With a large magazine and impressive damage, the UL736 is perfect for players who want to control chokepoints and dominate the battlefield.



In the world of Call of Duty Mobile, your choice of weapon is a personal one. It depends on your play style, preferences, and the map you are on. Take the time to experiment with different guns, attachments, and loadouts to find what suits you best

The best gun in Call of Duty Mobile for you is the one that feels right in your hands and helps you achieve victory. So, get out there, try out these options, and become the ultimate Call of Duty Mobile warrior.

That’s a wrap for our exploration of the best gun in Call of Duty Mobile. I hope you found this guide informative and helpful. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and enjoy every moment of the action-packed journey. See you on the battlefield, soldier!

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