What’s New in Samsung’s OneUI 6

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The impressive features of Samsung’s OneUI 6, from customizable quick settings to revamped emojis and more. Dive into a seamless user experience with the latest enhancements

Samsung’s OneUI 6 Features

Samsung’s latest smartphones are the Galaxy S23 series. They’ve made big changes to the software, called OneUI 6, making it look new and adding more cool stuff. Right now, the update is out in the US, Korea, and Germany for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23. Soon, more phones and countries will get this new software too. Let’s check out some of the cool new things in Samsung’s OneUI 6, which is based on Android 14.

In OneUI 6 by Samsung, they’ve brought in a fresh quick settings menu. It’s got a more noticeable look and makes it simpler to reach important quick settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and some new display controls. These controls have things like a switch for dark mode, a feature for protecting your eyes, and a bar to adjust brightness.

What's New in Samsung's OneUI 6

In contrast to many custom Android systems where swiping from the upper right gets you quick toggles and swiping from the upper left shows notifications, OneUI 6 is different. It keeps things consistent with the previous version by having a single panel for both quick settings and notifications.

New system font, emojis

They have spruced up the emojis and introduced a new system font, making everything look more modern and cohesive in OneUI 6.

New lock screen customisation features

On the lock screen, you can now choose from more clock styles that you can adjust in size. These aren’t as unique as stock Android 14’s, but they definitely add more options.

Camera widget

Samsung’s got a fresh camera widget too. You can make a shortcut for specific camera sensors (wide/ultra-wide/telephoto) and choose modes like photo, portrait, and more. This widget makes accessing your favorite camera features quick and easy.

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