Komaki Electric Bike Price List in India (October 2023)

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I will provide you with an up-to-date Komaki Electric Bike Price List in India for 2023, helping you make an informed choice for your eco friendly transportation needs.

Komaki Electric Bike Price List in India

  1. Komaki XGT-KM Electric Scooter – Starting at ₹48,999
  • The XGT-KM is a popular choice for urban commuting, offering an affordable entry point into electric mobility.
  1. Komaki X-ONE Electric Scooter – Starting at ₹52,999
  • The X-ONE combines style and performance, making it a versatile option for city riders.
  1. Komaki SE Electric Bike – Starting at ₹56,999
  • If you prefer the comfort of an electric bike, the SE is an excellent choice, designed to handle Indian roads.
  1. Komaki M-5 Electric Scooter – Starting at ₹63,999
  • The M-5 offers a bit more power and features for riders who want a step up in performance.
  1. Komaki XGT-X4 Electric Bike – Starting at ₹69,999
  • The XGT-X4 stands as a premium electric bike option, catering to those who demand the best in electric mobility.
  1. Komaki X-3 Electric Scooter – Starting at ₹46,999
  • The X-3 provides an economical yet reliable option for daily commuting.
  1. Komaki TNT Electric Bike – Starting at ₹61,999
  • Known for its sporty design and performance, the TNT is perfect for enthusiasts.
  1. Komaki X-2 Electric Scooter – Starting at ₹44,999
  • The X-2 offers an affordable choice for those on a budget.
  1. Komaki TN-95 Electric Bike – Starting at ₹67,999
  • With style and functionality in mind, the TN-95 caters to versatile riders.
  1. Komaki XGT-X5 Electric Bike – Starting at ₹74,999
  2. The XGT-X5 remains a premium choice for top-tier features and performance.

Please note that these are starting prices and can vary based on your location, dealer promotions, and any additional features or customizations you may choose. For the most accurate and current pricing information and visiting the official Komaki website or contacting your nearest Komaki dealer.


Komaki offers a diverse range of electric bikes and scooters to cater to various preferences and budgets. Armed with this price list, you can now confidently embark on your journey towards eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation.

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