What TVS Is Planning In The Electric Two-Wheeler Segment

TVS, which manufactures EVs in the 5–25kWh range, has provided additional information about its planned EV products. These will also include three-wheelers, but two-wheeler enthusiasts are in for some interesting times.

To keep us interested, Sudarshan Venu, the company’s MD, also revealed that they are developing an electric motorcycle platform with BMW Motorrad that uses less than 15 kWh. Similar to what the two firms did with the 310cc platform, this future EV platform may result in a number of products specifically targeted at each brand with little variation in hardware and components.

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While the TVS Creon was initially unveiled in 2018, we think that at least a version of the concept, if not the Creon itself, may now finally come to pass. What are the chances that TVS is developing an electric Apache outside of that? The likelihood is high, and we can’t wait to witness it. A TVS XL100 electric variant would be intriguing to see as well, as it would be a fantastic and practical product and preserve the workhorse’s heritage for the future.

What TVS Is Planning In The Electric Two-Wheeler Segment

The venue also disclosed that TVS subsidiary Norton Motorcycles is developing an electric superbike, giving TVS a chance to compete in the luxury EV industry on a worldwide scale. In addition, TVS intends to enter the European EV market through its acquisition of the Swiss E-Mobility group for its European electric business.

We understand that TVS has lofty goals for electric transportation, and the bike manufacturer is making every effort to stake a claim in the EV market. We really expect to see the products on the shelves soon.

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