10 Secret Codes for Smartphones You Need to Know

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Your smartphone is full of hidden features that you may not know about. One way to access these features is by using a secret code. Secret codes are special codes you can enter into your phone’s dialer to access hidden menus and settings.

We will be discussing 10 secret codes that are essential to know. These codes can be used to do a variety of things, such as:

Secret Codes for Smartphones

Check Your Phone’s Battery Status

To check your phone’s battery status, enter the following code in your phone’s dialer:


This will open a menu with various information about the phone’s battery, including battery level, battery health, and battery usage.

Secret Codes for Smartphones

Display your phone’s IMEI number

A phone’s IMEI number is a unique identifier assigned to a phone by the manufacturer. The IMEI number can be used to identify a phone if it is lost or stolen. To display the phone’s IMEI number, enter the following code into the phone’s dialer:


Enable or Disable Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a feature that allows calls to be forwarded to another number. To enable or disable call forwarding, enter the following code in the phone’s dialer:


To enable call forwarding, type the following code:

*21*[phone number]#

To disable call forwarding, type the following code:


Test the phone’s touch screen

If the problem is with the phone’s touch screen, you can use a secret code to test the touch screen. To test the phone’s touch screen, enter the following code into the phone’s dialer:


This will open a menu with various touch screen tests. These tests can be used to check the sensitivity of the phone’s touch screen and identify any problems with the touch screen.

Other Secret Codes for SmartPhones

##0##*** – Enter the service menu, where you can test various hardware components.

##34971539##** – View your camera’s firmware information.

##197328640##** – Enter engineering mode, where you can change various settings.

##7780##** – Factory reset your phone.

27673855# – Wipe your phone and reinstall the firmware.

##7594##** – Change power button behavior.


There are many secret codes that one can use with a smartphone. By learning these codes, you can gain access to hidden features and settings that can help you get the most out of the phone.

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